The IT Change Advisory Board (CAB) is an advisory body that reviews proposed technical changes, assesses risks and ensures adequate communications are undertaken for the proposed change, before advising on CIO’s behalf to proceed or amend a significant change request. This committee supports the implementation of the IT Change Management Procedure and oversees all significant changes to IT services at UQ.


The CAB is responsible for providing guidance and advice on all IT changes as required. The committee’s objectives are to:

  • review significant change requests
  • review emergency changes and provide feedback to the service support teams
  • review changes post-implementation if the change did not complete as approved by the CAB
  • review significant changes post-implementation
  • review change freeze requests from service and business owners 
  • compile reports as required to track change outcomes, including success/failure rates and emergency changes
  • provide guidance to requestors on pre-approved changes
  • conduct post-incident report reviews for IT incidents and track remediation actions
  • define change freeze periods for approval from the ITS Senior Management Group.

Review criteria

  • ask probing questions to understand the scope and impact of a change
  • review change risk and impact assessments
  • confirm resource requirements for the change
  • ensure that the change implementation plan is adequate
  • confirm that a thorough change communication is undertaken with the right stakeholders at the right level
  • review the impact on other services and/or infrastructure due to the change
  • ensure business approval has been received
  • ensure proposed scheduled times are appropriate
  • make recommendations to reduce risks and/or improve likelihood of success.


  • Senior Manager, Infrastructure Services (Chair)
  • Manager, Infrastructure Operations Centre
  • Manager, Infrastructure Design and Innovation
  • Manager, Applications Administration
  • Senior Manager, Enterprise Applications
  • Manager Database Administration
  • Relationship Manager
  • Manager, Service Operations
  • Associate Director, Library Technology Services
  • Security Architect
  • an Institute Senior IT Manager 
  • Manager, Research Infrastructure Services.

 A representative for each change under review (e.g. the team change manager, change coordinator, other suitable delegate) must also attend. 

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) may be called upon to provide advice on change requests.

Meeting processes

  • seeks approval from the ITS Senior Management Group on change freeze periods
  • meets weekly
  • attendance is defined as in-person, by phone, by video call
  • members must be in attendance to vote
  • a Virtual Change Management Group (VCMG) operates ‘online’ to review standard changes.
  • 75% of filled voting positions in attendance.

Contact IT Governance for more information and to enquire about attending.