Operational leaders

Leadership for change

The COO portfolio provides key professional services under the guidance of innovative and experienced leaders.

In overseeing their respective operational areas, each of our leaders play an important role in developing, managing, building and undertaking key strategies, projects and initiatives that underpin the University's goals while supporting clients, staff, students and the wider UQ community.

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Mr Andrew Flannery

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is primarily responsible for planning, management and delivery of professional services at the University.

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Marni Jacoby

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Marni Jacoby's responsibilities include directing strategic cross-divisional projects, corporate development activity, commercial reviews and working closely with senior committees and groups to drive strategic planning and performance.

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Gail Jukes

Chief Financial Officer

Gail Jukes is charged with providing guidance and leadership across UQ’s Finance Division, which utilises expert advice, systems and support to secure UQ's financial future.

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Joanna Spanjaard

Director, Governance and Risk

Joanna Spanjaard leads the Governance and Risk division adding operational value through effective and efficient governance, risk management, and compliance across the University.

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Jim Carmichael

Director, Health, Safety and Wellness

As the Director of Health, Safety and Wellness, Jim Carmichael is responsible for promoting the highest practicable standard of occupational health, safety and wellness across UQ.

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Phil Vaughan

Phil Vaughan

Chief Human Resources Officer

Phil Vaughan oversees the Human Resources function, which enables the achievement of the University’s strategic ambitions through attracting, developing, and retaining diverse and high-performing staff, to better support our current and future students.

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Rowan Salt

Chief Information Officer

As the CIO, Rowan Salt is charged with managing the provision, security, architecture and governance of information technology for staff, students and the wider UQ community.

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David Lavell

Director, Integrity Unit

David Lavell oversees the Integrity and Investigations function, creating and managing strategies that promote ethical behaviour and decision-making in the workplace.

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Tamra Saayman

Director, Internal Audit

Tamra Saayman leads the Internal Audit Function, providing independent advice and assurance on the effectiveness of governance, risk management processes and internal controls.

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Connie Seeto

General Counsel

As General Counsel, Connie Seeto is responsible for managing the delivery of legal services to the Vice-Chancellor, executive management and other key decision makers at UQ.

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Kelly Robinson

Chief Marketing and Communication Officer

As CMCO, Kelly Robinson leads UQ's marketing and communication function responsible for increasing domestic and global awareness of the University and supporting engagement that enriches communities.

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Andrew Brodie

Chief Property Officer, Property and Facilities

Leading the Properties and Facilities Division, Andrew Brodie manages the delivery of comprehensive facilities management as well as the planning and delivery of the capital works program to support UQ’s teaching and research goals.

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Jeremy Crowley

Director, Corporate Operations

As Director Corporate Operations, Jeremy Crowley provides high level operational support, research and advice to senior management on administrative matters and operational opportunities to enhance delivery of professional services.