The Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC) oversees the governance of IT at UQ by ensuring that IT objectives align with UQ’s strategic direction.

The committee supports the Strategic Information Technology Council by reviewing IT projects and initiatives to make sure they are risk-assessed and delivering benefits while meeting the needs of UQ stakeholders.

The committee meets every six weeks.


  • Support the achievement level of UQ's goals by directing IT management priorities and performance.
  • Determine the prioritisation of resources and investment in IT, increasing the proportion of investment in ‘transformational IT’ by reducing the resources used in ‘running IT’.
  • Monitor the IT project portfolio and the key programs underway.
  • Provide a consistent framework across all of UQ’s IT projects to ensure that project outcomes are aligned to organisational strategy.
  • Ensure that projects have appropriate oversight.
  • Monitor the realisation of intended benefits of initiatives that include or affect IT.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of IT processes and services.
  • Approve the initiatives, architectures, standards, policies and other mechanisms that govern the IT function throughout UQ.
  • Manages the roadmap and programs that support the effective delivery of the IT Strategy.
  • Develop and recommend the IT Strategy to the Strategic Information Technology Council.


The ITGC has 7 key members:

  • Chief Information Office (Chair)
  • University Librarian
  • Director, Research Computing Centre
  • A Faculty Executive Manager
  • A Deputy Director (Strategic)
  • ITS Associate Director, IT Governance
  • ITS Strategy, Policy and Assurance Officer (Secretary)

Terms and quorum

  • Members may delegate attendance to an equivalent peer (e.g. FEM from alternate Faculty).
  • Attendance is defined as in-person, by phone, by video call.
  • Members must be in attendance to vote.


Several sub-committees report to the Information Technology Governance Committee.

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