Please note, all suppliers must comply with UQ's COVID-19 requirements and Queensland Government public health directions for attending UQ locations including vulnerable and high-risk settings. 

Contractor requirements

All Property and Facilities Division (P&F) contractors and consultants working for UQ or on UQ sites must: 

  • meet legislative requirements
  • follow regulatory health, safety and environmental obligations
  • comply with UQ policies and procedures
  • complete the P&F induction
  • have the relevant licences and insurance.

P&F is solely responsible for engaging contractors to undertake maintenance work relating to UQ building fabric, structure and services. Schools and faculties should not act as principal contractors or engage contractors to undertake building-related work.


All contractors must complete the induction and provide copies of:

  • their specific licenses
  • workers compensation
  • third-party liability insurance.

If you employ staff who will be working with you, they must also complete the online induction.

You must complete the re-induction every year to remain a registered contractor at UQ. If the re-induction is not completed or the required forms are not forwarded to UQ, you will be removed from the contractor register.

Initial induction

To be registered with UQ:

  1. Complete the Contractor Registration Form – PF244 (PDF, 267 KB) | Contractor Registration Form - PF244) (RTF, 472.2 KB) to ensure you comply with the requirements.
  2. Obtain a username and password from PF Assist at or on (07) 3365 2222.
  3. Log on to the online contractor induction.
  4. Successfully complete the induction assessment and receive an Induction Certificate.
  5. Send these documents to Occupational Health and Safety and Wellness Team(OHSW):
    1. completed Contractor Registration Form (PF244)
    2. business-specific licences
    3. copy of workers compensation
    4. copy of third-party liability insurance
  6. The OHSW team will contact your nominated referee to ensure that the contract is suitable for the nominated class of work and that you have a minimum of $10 million in Company Insurance.
  7. You will be included on the Registered Contractors List for a period of 1 year.

Refresher training

  1. Obtain a username and password from PF Assist.
  2. Log on to the online contractor induction.
  3. Successfully complete the induction assessment and receive an Induction Certificate.
  4. Send to Occupational Health and Safety and Wellness(OHSW):
    1. updated details of insurance
    2. updated details of licences.
  5. Your details will be updated on the Registered Contractors List for a further 1 year.


Smoke-free UQ

For the health, comfort and wellbeing of all our students, staff and visitors, the University of Queensland has committed to becoming smoke-free from 1 July 2018.

Contractors eligible for UQ Quit Program

Contractors to UQ are eligible for the UQ Quit Program for staff. To apply:

  1. Contact the OHSW Team ( to confirm your eligibility.
  2. Wait for a copy of the UQ Quit Program registration form to be emailed to you.
  3. Print out and complete the form.
  4. Scan the completed form and email it to or fax it to (07) 3259 8217.

UQ Design Control Process

A Design Control Process is in place for all project and construction work with a value >$20k, monitored by the Infrastructure and Sustainability team within P&F.

UQ Design Standards

All project and construction works are required to comply with the UQ Design Standards.





Hydraulic and Wet Fire

Mechanical Design Standard


Dry Fire

Fire Engineering

Vertical Transportation


Information and Communications Technology

Wayfinding and Signage



Climate Risk

Retail Design and Fitout

Audio Visual

UQ Technical Guides

Drafting and Modelling

UQ emergencies, parking, transport, and floor plans

Templates and guides

Forms, permits and registers


Policies and plans

OHSW management plans

Risk management

Air quality

Confined spaces

Roof and heights


Contract resources

Should you have any questions, please contact:

PF Assist
Property and Facilities