Company registration: e-Form 

Prior to the sourcing, registration and onboarding of any contractors, UQ staff should consult the Contractor Engagement and Management Guide to ensure compliance with all relevant processes, documented procedures and legislation.

To register a new contractor: 

  1. For Property & Facilities (P&F) contractors -  please contact PF Assist on 07 3365 2222 or

  1. For all other UQ contractor registration and onboarding – please refer to UQ Suppliers and contact the person who engaged you for the work. Contractor training and induction information can be found here

Additional information for Property & Facility contractors: 

In order for a contracting company to be registered with Property & Facilities at UQ, they must complete an online questionnaire and upload documents (insurance, certifications). Internal UQ P&F staff should contact the UQ P&F procurement team to organise for a company profile to be created to initiate this process.  

Once the online questionnaire has been completed and documents verified then the contracting company will be sent information on how to add the names of staff to be inducted within the RAPID system.    

If you are an authorised RAPID user and require any support, please contact RAPID Global's Support team.  

If you are not an authorised RAPID user, please contact PF Assist on 07 3365 2222 or

Smoke-free UQ 

Smoking is not permitted on any UQ campus or recognised site. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes, vapour pens or other devices. 

The smoke-free policy covers all: 

  • campuses 

  • research sites 

  • UQ-leased premises 

  • car parks and ovals 

  • UQ fleet vehicles 

  • other motor vehicles while on campus. 

All staff, students, visitors, contractors and volunteers are required to follow UQ's smoke-free policy. This includes the general public walking across any part of UQ's campuses or sites. 

For further information on UQ’s smoke-free policy and boundary maps that show the areas where smoking is not permitted on selected UQ sites, please visit:

Contractor Inductions: Rapid Induct System 

RAPID Contractor Management system has been deployed to effectively register contractors, review and verify contractor's documents for compliance, run induction courses online for various sites and manage access keys.  

The administrator of the contracting company is responsible for adding specific staff to their RAPID profile for induction at UQ. If you have not received email notifications prompting you to complete UQ inductions in the RAPID system, please contact the administrator of your company.  

Once you have received an email from the RAPID system, follow the prompts to log in and complete the required inductions. Generally, all contractors will have to complete a minimum of four inductions to work on any UQ sites: 

  • Annual Induction for Contractor General Access Otto Hirschfield Building Gross Anatomy Facility (GAP) 

  • Contractor Induction 

  • Lab safety for trade and service personnel OR OHS Laboratory Cleaning Induction (depending on the nature of your work) 

  • Pinjarra Hills Research Precinct Induction 

Depending on the nature of the work to be completed, some facilities may require additional inductions – these will be specified in your RAPID profile.  

If you require any support using the RAPID system, please contact RAPID Global's Support team. 

Other Contractor Inductions

A UQ Contractor Health and Safety Induction has been developed for contractors engaged to work at UQ who are not registered in RAPID Induct. Contractors registered in RAPID Induct must complete induction in that program. Additional site/area specific inductions maybe required before commencing work. To check if you are, or should be registered in RAPID Induct please contact PF Assist on 07 3365 2222 or

P&F organisational structure 

P&F’s operations are split across five pillars that report to the Chief Property Officer: 

  • Campus Operations

  • Project Delivery 

Key contacts

Key contacts for non-Property and Facilties (P&F) contractors

UQ Health, Safety and Wellness
(07) 3365 2365 

Enterprise procurement

(07) 3365 1234

PF Assist
(07) 3365 2222

Key contacts for Property and Facilities (P&F) contractors


Project Management Office

P&F Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness   

St Lucia

Rion Senior
Client Facility Manager (Precinct 1), Maintenance
Campus Operations 
Phone: 0421 055 975 

Jeremy Moynihan 
Client Facility Manager (Precinct 2), Maintenance 
Campus Operations 
Phone: 0427 950 365 

Rob Dore
Client Facility Manager (Precinct 3), Maintenance 
Campus Operations 
Phone: 0434 602 556 

Scott Newton 
Client Facility Manager (Precinct 4), Maintenance 
Campus Operations 
Phone: 0456 929 995 


Connor Harrison
Client Facility Manager, Maintenance 
Campus Operations  
Phone: 0477 823 211 

Remote Sites (Herston, Long Pocket, PACE & Pinjarra Hills)

Steve Lawler 
Client Facility Manager, Maintenance 
Campus Operations 
Phone: 0418 189 996

Signing in and out  

Contractors do not need to formally sign in or out on site unless they require access to keys or restricted areas. Please see ‘Access and keys’ section below.  

Access and keys  

Keys can be obtained by signing in at the RAPID terminal at the below locations. You will be asked to specify what keys you require during the sign in system and will be provided with a pass code to access the required key/s from the key cabinet next to the sign-in terminal. 

St Lucia Campus: Building 99  

Gatton Campus: Building 8124 

UQ maps 

Click here for UQ maps and floor plans.  

Parking on UQ sites and permits  

Contractors and sub-contractors working at UQ locations are required to comply with UQ’s parking scheme.  Non-compliance may result in the issuing of a traffic infringement fine.  

  • Contractors in authorised vehicles are permitted to use Service & Commercial (S&C) bays for the allotted times. Contractors' private vehicles are not permitted to use S&C bays.  

  • Contractors are also permitted to use Loading Zone bays for the allotted times. Loading Zone bays are not restricted to commercial vehicles and can be used by private vehicles.  

  • Contractors required to be onsite for longer periods, or in private vehicles, can use any casual parking bay and pay the casual zone rate via the CellOPark app.  

Please find parking maps highlighting service & commercial vehicle parking for UQ sites below: 

Before you start  

Prior to commencing work at UQ you are expected to have: 

  1. Completed relevant Industry training 

  1. Completed all required inductions in the RAPID system 

  1. Consulted design standards 

  1. Relevant permits 

ID cards 

ID cards can be issued and replaced for UQ contractors free of charge. 

Collecting a new card 

  1. Complete the Contractor Form

  1. Take government-issued identification, such as a passport or drivers licence. 

  1. Go to the print location you nominated on your form. Please allow 3 business days for collection. 

Your Department Card Custodian can assign building access privileges to your card at your request. If you aren't sure who this is, contact PF Assist

Collecting cards from print locations 

You can collect new or replacement ID cards at the following print locations: 

  1. St Lucia: Student Central (Building 42), Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. 

  1. Gatton: Student Centre, NW Briton Administration Building (Building 8101A), Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. 

  1. Herston: Student Hub, Level 5, Oral Health Centre (Building 0883), Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. 

Click here for information on ID cards at UQ

While on site 

You are expected to: 

  • be able to produce your induction completion certificate on request when undertaking any activities on site 

  • be able to produce your white card (or equivalent) on request when undertaking any activities on site 

  • cease work and follow the directions from University building or floor wardens or emergency services during an emergency or drill exercise 

  • adhere to UQ safety requirements 

  • refer all queries and questions from students, staff, or members of the community about the work you are doing to your Properties and Facilities contact or Supervisor

Behavioural expectations  

The UQ Code of Conduct articulates the values and set out the standards of conduct that the University expects and required of all staff and contractors. 

Please note that smoking is not permitted on any UQ campus or recognised site. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes, vapour pens or other devices.  

Security and emergencies 

In the event of an emergency, contact UQ Security immediately on (07) 3365 3333. See Emergencies for more information.


Please ensure you follow the evacuation procedures as per your induction to the relevant building or site you are conducting works on.  

At the time of an evacuation, please follow the instructions given to you by your site-specific emergency floor wardens.  

Photography enquiries  

External organisations can request permission to film on UQ campuses. For more information see Request to film on campus.

Drone use 

Approval is required to fly a drone on campus. To find out more, see Flying drones on campus.

Disruptions and notifications 

Project managers, authorised contractors and / or supervisors of works are responsible for consulting with clients and providing the P&F Communications Team with all relevant information for the distribution of notifications to clients.  

This includes all works and projects that result in noise, disruption, impacts on day-to-day operations and / or space across UQ sites. 

Please speak with your UQ contact regarding information required for the distribution of notifications, so that they can inform the P&F Communications team. 

Environmental management 

Under the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act), everyone has a general environmental duty (section 319) to prevent and minimise environmental harm, “A person must not carry out any activity that causes, or is likely to cause, environmental harm unless the person takes all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise the harm”. You must be aware of the activities you undertake, document environmental risks and implement reasonable and practical measures to minimise the risk. For example, you must know how to correctly dispose of regulated waste, not release a prescribed contaminant to waters.

In addition, you have a responsibility to comply with the University, School or Organisational Unit environmental policy and procedures. See the University’s Environment and Sustainability Policy for more information.

Manage risks of environmental harm

Contractors must understand and manage the risks of environmental harm associated with their activity. The environmental risk management, hierarchy of intent should be to avoid and prevent harm from the contractor’s activity, followed by control and mitigation of environmental aspects including:

Air. Does the activity involve the use of any plant or mechanical devices that could cause air, noise or vibration pollution and harm local air environmental values?

Water (surface and groundwater). Does the activity involve the use of any material or substances, identified as a prescribed contaminant to waters, that could release, spill or escape to stormwater, downstream water environments and groundwaters, causing water pollution and harm to local and downstream waterways, wetlands and biodiversity environmental values?

Land (soils, plants and animals – habitat and biodiversity). Does the activity involve the use of any material or substances, that could release, spill or escape to soils, causing soil contamination and harming plant and animal life.

Waste. Does the activity involve the use or generation of unregulated and regulated waste materials, that could release, spill or escape to the environment if not appropriately contained and disposed of?

Resources consumption (water, energy). Does the activity involve the requirement for consumption of energy (fuels and electricity) and water that could be inefficient contributing excessively to UQ’s operational footprint?

Heritage. Does the activity involve the a known UQ Heritage building or site where special management and legislative requirements are to be met to protect heritage values?

Waste Management

  • Contractors are to remove and dispose of all waste from the University grounds that is generated by the contracted activity.
  • University rubbish bins or receptacles must not be used for the disposal of construction and demolition waste.
  • The disposal of waste on site can only occur with prior approval of the contractor engager/ contractor supervisor.
  • Any waste identified as regulated waste according to Schedule 9 of the Environmental Protection Regulation, 2019, must be disposed of by a licensed transporter of the waste and provide waste tracking certificates. 
  • Any liquid wastes must not be a prescribed water contaminant according to Schedule 10 of the Environmental Protection Regulation,2019. The contractor must discuss the nature of the liquid waste with the engager / contractor supervisor and ensure risk mitigation controls are implemented to prevent/avoid contaminants to waters. 
  • If permission is given to dispose of any waste on university grounds, contractors must demonstrate how they achieve their environmental duty of care and prevent / avoid risks of environmental harm.

The University strongly encourages Contractors to identify waste minimisation options at the start of each job. Ways to minimise waste include:

  1. Avoid generating waste by ordering exact volumes and amounts of materials. 
  2. Reuse off-cuts and wastes on other projects and jobs and return packaging to the supplier for reuse.

Recycle wastes – source separate waste streams, for example, separate metals, cardboard, paper and order individual skip bins for separate waste streams.

Combustible cladding  

UQ has undertaken all requirements specified in 4A of the Building Regulation 2006. Please refer to the Queensland Government’s Safer Buildings website for further information. All buildings that have completed the combustible cladding checklist and been assessed by a Fire Engineer are required to display an Affected Private Building Notice (Form 42) in the following locations:  

  • Attached to a wall, or the internal side of a door near the main entry point to the building; and 

  • If the building has a Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) - also securely attached to a wall, or the internal side of a door, that is adjacent to the panel. 

An Affected Private Building may also be subject to Fire Safety Risk Mitigation Measures while further fire engineering assessment and/or building rectification work is completed, this can include but is not limited to: 

  • Increased security. 

  • Increased emergency evacuation drills. 

  • Immediate removal of some parts of the external wall assembly. 

  • Removal of vegetation, car parking, smoking areas, or other fuel sources surrounding the building. 

  • Implementation of Management-In-Use (MIU) requirements for all hot work activities. 

Given the above, UQ requires all Contractors undertaking building works at UQ to review the abovementioned locations for relevant building notices (Form 42) or contact the Project Management Office via to confirm which buildings are impacted. If the building is considered an ‘Affected Private Building’ before work is commenced, the Contractor must contact the Project Management Office and request to speak to the Project Manager in charge for further information on the building and potential mitigation strategies that may need to be put in place during the Contractors work.

Heritage management plans 

The UQ estate contains several assets that are listed on Local Authority and State Government heritage registers. These assets are subject to legislative protections with certain restrictions imposed on development. The University has developed several Conservation Management Plans and Heritage Protocols to document the heritage significance of specific buildings and sites, and guide processes to determine approval pathways to carry out permissible works.  

You can contact the Planning Team at for the relevant Conservation Management Plans and Heritage protocols that relate to your projects or works.

UQ design control process

A Design Control Process is in place for all project and construction work with a value of >$20k, monitored by the Infrastructure and Sustainability team within P&F.

UQ design standards 

All contractors must follow the following design standards when designing or undertaking works on UQ campuses. The standards help ensure your work will be approved.  

UQ Design Standards 





Hydraulic and Wet Fire 

Mechanical Design Standard 


Dry Fire 

Fire Engineering 

Vertical Transportation 


Information and Communications Technology 

Wayfinding and Signage 



Climate Risk 

Retail Design and Fitout 

Audio Visual 

Drafting and Modelling

Hazardous Chemicals Storage and Hazardous Area Classification

Space Planning

UQ Technical Guides


It is your responsibility to: 

  • Communicate regularly with your UQ Contract or Project Manager 

  • Raise any issue that is, or may become, a health, safety, environmental or core business concern to the appropriate contacts 

  • Report all hazards, near misses, injuries and incidents to your UQ contact and OHSW:  

Contractors and suppliers undertaking work at UQ must be trained and competent to undertake the work they are engaged to perform. All engagements must be undertaken in line with Health and Safety legislation, Codes of Practice, relevant Australian Standards and UQ policies and procedures. The UQ Contractor Safety Management Procedure (2.20.11) sets out the minimum requirements for contractors undertaking or seeking to undertake work at UQ, and should be reviewed and implemented in conjunction with other University policies, procedures and guidelines. Advice and resources can be sought by contacting local UQ safety network contacts for the respective organisation units, or the central HSW Division

Links to relevant UQ procedures, management plans, guidelines and forms are provided under each of the following hazard categories. 


All known ACM is captured in the Asbestos Survey Database. This database should be consulted prior to the commencement of any destructive works on UQ assets. Contractors and suppliers must also notify PF OHSW immediately if any suspected ACM is exposed, damaged, or otherwise presents a risk to the UQ community.

Confined spaces 

Contractors and consultants must seek approval from their relevant UQ contact prior to accessing or undertaking work in or near a confined space by completing a PF721.

Working at height and roof access 

Contractors and consultants must seek approval from their relevant UQ contact prior to accessing or undertaking work on a roof by completing a PF722.

Electrical safety 

Evidence of testing and compliance shall be submitted by all contractors and suppliers undertaking electrical work at UQ, and live work will only be permitted under the strict conditions set out in the QLD Electrical Safety Regulations 2013, and with the approval of the P&F Electrical Safety Manager.

Plant and equipment safety

Health and safety permits and forms 

Contractors and suppliers may be required to submit additional permits, forms or authorisations prior to commencing work in certain locations, or undertaking certain tasks. These may include the following: 

Incident / hazard notification and reporting 

All UQ contractors and suppliers must report any workplace illness, injury or near miss to their UQ contact as soon as practicable.  The contractor must record the incident in UQSafe in accordance with the Health and Safety Incident and Hazard Reporting Procedure.  

If a contractor does not have UQ Safe access, it is the responsibility of the person who engages the contractor to ensure all incidents, near misses and identified hazards involving a contractor or supplier are logged into UQ Safe. 

UQ may participate in incident investigations with the contractor although reserves the right to conduct its own investigation. Any inspection, correspondence, or corrective actions issued by a relevant regulatory authority relating to a UQ contractor must be reported to the UQ contact. 

Contractors and suppliers can also contact the P&F Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness team for advice at

Notifiable incidents 

UQ and the contractor have a dual obligation under the WHS Act to notify the regulator (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or the Electrical Safety Office) of notifiable incidents. 

The Director, Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW) Division must be notified immediately after becoming aware of a notifiable incident. The Director will then notify the regulator on behalf of UQ.  

Site inspections and audits 

All UQ contractors and suppliers agree, as a condition of their engagement, to scheduled or random site safety inspections. Inspections are coordinated and undertaken by the P&F OHSW team, and may include but not be limited to a review of: 

  • Contractor inductions, licenses, qualifications, and registration. 

  • Adherence to supplier’s own OHS management systems. 

  • Compliance with UQ policies, procedures and guidelines. 

  • Site barricading, hoarding and pedestrian separation. 

  • General site safety, including plant and equipment, electrical safety, working at heights etc. 

Contractors and suppliers are expected to participate in site safety inspections and adhere to all reasonable health and safety directions given by members of P&F, the HSW Division or members of the UQ community.

Risk management 

Contractors and suppliers are required to submit evidence of a documented health and safety management system and must adhere to all controls set out in their risk management documentation.   

Additional information on risk management at UQ can be found through following links:

Can I engage my own contractor to complete work for my department? 

Legislative, regulatory and UQ internal requirements apply to contractors for consulting and professional services. Please refer to the procurement forms, templates and guides available online under Forms, templates and guides.

How do I register a new supplier/contractor? 

To register a new contractor: 

  1. For Property and Facilities (P&F) contractors, please contact  PF Assist on 07 3365 2222 or Information on approved P&F contractors can be found on the staff Intranet (log in required). 
  2. For all other UQ contractor registration and onboarding, please refer to UQ Suppliers and contact the person who engaged you for the work. Training and induction information can be found here.

Please contact Central Finance for any questions regarding invoicing or payment.

What is the induction process for contractors? 

Please refer to the induction information available underneath the Induction header.

Where and how do contractors sign in for work? 

Please refer to the Signing in and out information available underneath the Induction header.

Where can I find out more about permits-to-work and building access for contractors? 

Information on permits-to-work can be found within the Health, Safety and Wellness tab. Information about building access (keys and ID cards) can be found within the Access and keys information available underneath the Induction tab.

What are the UQ Design and Construction Standards? 

Please refer to the UQ design standards information available within the Working at UQ header.  

If you have any questions, please contact:

PF Assist
Property and Facilities