About us

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive property and facilities management operations to the University community by using integrated systems and services to support the University’s teaching and learning, research endeavour and strategic objectives.

We aim to deliver a responsive, high quality service. We strive to achieve this through strategic planning, delivering a capital works program, maintaining assets and facilities, and managing commercial services across our campuses.

Who we are

P&F is part of the Chief Operating Officer’s portfolio. P&F’s operations are split across 4 pillars that sit beneath the Director’s Office:

  • Campus Operations
  • Infrastructure and Sustainability
  • Planning and Property
  • Project Delivery.

You can also view the P&F Organisational Chart (PDF, 223KB) for details on what services each section is responsible for.

Our teams

Director and Executive Office

The Director is responsible for delivering strategic planning, budgeting, reporting and support across all property and facilities management at UQ.

The Executive Office provides the Director with support and is responsible for managing:

Campus Operations

Asset Performance and Services

The Asset Performance and Services section is responsible for:

  • asset management planning and asset condition and life cycle management of the University’s built assets
  • ARCHIBUS Enterprise FM system
  • scheduling preventative and corrective maintenance requests
  • providing feedback to clients on work allocations and completion times
  • campus operations data analytics.


The Contracts section is responsible for contract management of periodic services (e.g. air conditioning, water, fire, lift contracts), project management for backlog maintenance projects, P&F Safety Management Systems, and contract and procurement administration.


The Grounds section is responsible for the grounds, roads and footpaths on UQ properties and the playing fields at UQ St Lucia campus.


The Maintenance section provides UQ with building maintenance services. All trade services are delivered by a combination of internal trade staff and external contractors.

Maintenance activities are categorised as:

  • preventative
  • corrective and backlog maintenance programming
  • statutory compliance maintenance
  • building condition assessments.


Security’s responsibilities are to:

  • provide and maintain a protected and secure environment for all people at all University sites
  • protect University assets from theft, damage or destruction
  • respond to emergencies.

These responsibilities are undertaken within legal parameters, and the security and safety standards set are consistent with general community standards.

Services provided:

Fire services

As part of UQ Security, Fire services looks after many fire services at UQ under the Fire Safety Management Policy and Procedures [2.15.02], including:

  • fire safety risk management across all UQ sites
  • ensuring statutory and legislative compliance
  • maintaining and upgrading fire safety services on campus.

Transport systems

Transport systems is responsible for:

  • developing parking strategies to reduce parking and traffic pressures
  • developing and maintaining campus transport infrastructure
  • sustainable transport initiatives, including cycling programs and infrastructure
  • managing parking infringements and appeals.


Cleaning services is responsible for general cleaning of areas throughout the University, including:

Fleet services

Fleet services provides garage and fleet services at the St Lucia and Gatton campuses, including:


The Furniture section facilitates:

  • procuring all loose items of furniture (e.g. chairs, desks, tables, mobiles, filing cabinets, soft furnishings and kitchen appliances)
  • repairing, replacing or disposing of furniture
  • arranging office furniture.


Mail services manage mail distribution, collection and processing for incoming, outgoing and interdepartmental mail at UQ.

P&F is also responsible for a licensed Post Office and cashier duties on the Gatton campus.

Printery – Gatton

The UQ Printery at Gatton campus produces a variety of printed materials for all UQ campuses.


The UQ Store provides the University with a range of supplies, including:

  • personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • first-aid items
  • UQ merchandise
  • maintenance items.

Infrastructure and Sustainability


The Energy Office is responsible for:


The Sustainability Office manages the University's Environmental Management System and promotes best environmental practice at UQ. It also provides a range of sustainability support and advisory services to the University community.

Engineering services

The Engineering section is responsible for campus infrastructure planning and augmentation, technical input and control across the range of engineering systems:

  • Civil: water supply, irrigation, sewerage, chemical waste, stormwater, roads and carparks, and structural building programs.
  • Electrical: electrical site works and services, substations, high-voltage switching and cabling, external campus lighting, emergency power reticulation and data network.
  • Mechanical: mechanical site works and services, air conditioning, ventilation systems and fume cupboards.
  • Digital Modelling and Documents: floor plans, building plans, site services plans, physical asset register databases, printable maps (e.g. car parking, cycling, accessibility, access and directory board), and University fire and emergency evacuation plans.

Planning and Property


The Planning section manages physical planning of University sites, including:

  • preparing new and updating existing Site Development Plans for University campuses
  • assessing and recommending sites for projects and particular uses
  • reviewing building or site proposals in terms of existing site conditions, proposed use and Site Development Plan requirements
  • preparing studies, including built form analysis and local area (precinct) studies
  • giving advice on development approval processes for major and minor building works and site development works (buildings, civil, works and landscaping projects) through various working parties, the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Senate
  • participating in the Property and Facilities Planning Cell review and advice during project design
  • preparing design guides for University projects
  • coordinating supporting documentation (e.g. heritage protocols, property evaluation and landscape notes)
  • door and external signage.


The Space section manages space-planning advice, including:

  • giving recommendations for the allocation, reallocation, refurbishment, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of existing spaces
  • providing annual and ad hoc space management reports for the government, the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA) and Group of Eight (Go8) directors
  • providing UQ space use guidelines, including professional staff offices and teaching facilities
  • undertaking an annual Space Utilisation Audit, a federal government reporting requirement. The information obtained from this report is of great value in planning for UQ’s future growth, and enables the University to offer the best facilities for teaching and research purposes. The report also helps faculties and central administration manage their teaching spaces. The utilisation results per room audited can be viewed in ARCHIBUS (UQ login required)

Further information about space management, including policy and procedures, can be accessed through the Space Management Policies and Procedures [7.20].



Staff and student housing

The Property section manages the portfolio of residential premises that are leased by students and staff at St Lucia, Gatton and Pinjarra Hills.

The Residential section manages queries about staff and student leasing of residential accommodation. For these queries, contact the Manager Property at property.team@pf.uq.edu.au.

For accommodation that caters exclusively to University-affiliated visitors, visit the Dell Lodge page.

Leases and licenses

The Property section manages:

  • lease and license arrangements with external parties for office, teaching, laboratory and ancillary space
  • feedback on the retail outlets and food and beverage options available at UQ via the UQ retail outlets feedback form
  • applications to install vending machines in University buildings and on University sites and campuses
  • the annual Christmas trading hours listing for UQ campus retail outlets (available from Dec–Feb), which allows those outlets to continue serving staff and students working over the end-of-year period.

For enquiries, contact the Property Team at property.team@pf.uq.edu.au.

UQ Centre and Terrace Room

The UQ Centre and the Terrace Room of the Sir Llew Edwards Building are multipurpose venues that can be hired for a wide range of functions and events.

Project Delivery

The Project Delivery section is responsible for:

  • managing construction projects, minor works and refurbishment projects from inception to completion
  • managing works programs
  • managing large and complex projects
  • preparing feasibility studies on potential construction projects
  • office relocations.