Our vision, mission and principles

Our vision

UQ’s digital environment is integrated and completely responsive to the University’s diverse and ever-changing needs. Technology is embraced comprehensively across UQ, and information technology delivery is a critical service that supports and enhances the University’s ability to achieve its strategic goals and vision for the future.

Our mission

Information Technology (IT) will partner with the University to deliver innovative IT solutions, seize opportunities and meet challenges faced by the University. The University will trust IT to lead conversations about information technology, and manage IT services that protect and meet UQ’s needs.

Our information technology principles

IT staff contribute to UQ’s success on a daily basis, and the following principles guide them to align their efforts with the University’s strategic goals and expectations. IT will:

  • Be responsive: Take an agile, collaborative and adaptive approach to working that allows us to make strategic business decisions and deliver flexible, innovative solutions that meet the University’s changing needs.
  • Continuously improve: Support and nurture our staff, and develop an operating philosophy that allows us to meet UQ’s needs while streamlining and unifying IT systems and support. IT will focus on realising and measuring benefits, supporting the University to increase efficiencies, and meet strategic objectives.
  • Demonstrate leadership:  Provide technical expertise and guidance on new technologies, solution design and IT systems that will help the University achieve strategic goals. IT will take a considered approach to managing UQ’s information and technology, balancing security risks against the delivery of the University’s key objectives.
  • Utilise data ethically: Ensure that appropriate members of the UQ community can find, use and analyse UQ’s data effectively, ethically and securely to deliver value for the University. Privacy and security are a priority for the UQ community, and we will continue to reduce risks and minimise security threats, while safeguarding the community’s privacy and UQ’s information assets.


Download the Enterprise IT Strategy (PDF, 7.1 MB)