About us

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a wide range of IT services to over 46,000 students, 7,000 academic and general staff, and 7,000 users in the wider community. This includes providing administrative, teaching, learning and research support to our customers across UQ and beyond.

ITS is part of the Chief Operating Officer’s portfolio. We look after all IT needs for central services within the University, which includes the campus network, internet access, audiovisual technology in central teaching spaces and more.

We also provide support to some organisational units through contracts and service level agreements, while other units use their own local IT services.

Our services

We manage core networks and IT infrastructure for the whole University. This includes a range of services:

  • campus network
  • phone system
  • main email and calendar system
  • internet access
  • desktop system support
  • server administration
  • audiovisual support (including technology in central teaching spaces).

National Research and Education Network

Internet access to the National Research and Education Network, which connects most universities and CSIRO in Queensland, is managed by ITS on behalf of the Queensland Regional Network Organisation.


AusCERT also sits within ITS. This is an internationally recognised network security group that provides internet security services throughout Australia and New Zealand. AusCERT clients include universities in Australia and New Zealand, as well as many banks, ISPs and government departments at federal, state and local levels.


UQSchoolsNet is a not-for-profit internet service provider with academic outreach, exclusively created to assist independent schools across Queensland access fast and reliable internet services. In addition to their primary and secondary network links and customised solutions, UQSchoolsNet assists schools with the delivery of unique student experiences through academic engagement and outreach, and professional development for teaching staff and IT managers. This support is particularly advantageous for schools in remote and regional areas.