A change to the operational unit or site used for the purchase of an asset constitutes an asset transfer in UniFi.

Giving or selling assets to another school, and receiving or buying assets from another school are also forms of asset transfer.

An asset should be transferred prior to its disposal, so that the disposal is recorded under the correct operational unit for reporting purposes. This also ensures the disposal is authorised by the asset owner.

To transfer an asset, complete an asset transfer form (DOC, 68 KB) and submit it to Assets (Corporate Finance).

The transferring section should initiate the filling in of the form by completing these portions of the form:

  • Asset ID
  • Asset description
  • Transfer date
  • Transfer amount (original cost or portion being transferred)
  • Old chartfields
  • Transferring section authorisation.

The receiving section should complete the form by filling in these portions of the form:

  • New chartfields
  • Receiving section authorisation.

A finance officer from each opal unit involved must sign the asset transfer form (DOC, 68 KB). If the finance officer is the same for the old and new chartfields only one signature is required.

No other asset details are changed when an asset is transferred. The asset ID and tag number will remain the same.

Contact Assets (Corporate Finance) if you have questions about asset transfers.