To use the search for an asset screen refer to the Search for asset information training.

All the asset details Assets (Corporate Finance) have access to are available in the search for an asset screen with the exception of:

  • Manufacturer
  • Acquisition Date.

Masterpiece assets are recorded in UniFi under the operational unit advised in the 2008 stocktake, provided they have not been transferred.

The cost displayed on the voucher information line represents the cost added to the asset register.

When ticking the acquisition details checkbox or entering information in the acquisition details section, the chartfields displayed are not necessarily the chartfields the asset is recorded under. Both searches return acquisition details as opposed to current details.

Due to the use of corporate chartfields, assets cannot be retrieved using the project ID search criteria in the acquisition details section. The Transaction Details Report in the UQ Reportal should be used to identify purchase orders against projects. The purchase order information can then be used to identify assets purchased against a project.

Contact Assets (Corporate Finance) if you have questions about searching for assets.