If you receive an email from UQ, make sure it's genuine UQ correspondence before clicking a link or opening an attachment. 

Scam emails can sometimes be difficult to spot. Here are some things to look for to verify genuine UQ correspondence:

  • The sender’s email address contains uq.edu.au – hover over the sender’s email address and the ‘Reply-To’ address to check.
  • Dates are displayed as dd/mm/yyyy.
  • The purchase order:
    • contains consistent formatting throughout
    • includes reference to terms and conditions
    • does not include signatures
    • includes a UQ delivery address.

Suspected fraudulent emails

If you suspect you have received a fraudulent email:

  • don't open the attachment
  • don't respond to the sender
  • notify us by emailing suppliers@uq.edu.au and attaching the suspect email
  • delete the email immediately.

UQ is not responsible for fraudulent third-party activity. 

If you're unsure about a request for quote or purchase order, please email suppliers@uq.edu.au or a known UQ contact.