ITS is committed to developing and promoting a positive work environment that encourages:

  • a high performance culture
  • employee fulfillment at work
  • teams working toward shared goals
  • rewards for behaviours recognising UQ values.

The aim is to ensure ITS staff are equipped with the skills to actively and positively acknowledge and promote the core values of the University.

Cultural Awareness Team

The Cultural Awareness Team (CAT) was created in ITS to assist in developing a positive and high performing culture that recognises contributions across the division. The team facilitates activities that aim to broaden understanding of each others’ roles and to promote recognition in line with the UQ values.

Fika sessions

Fika sessions are a group activity that allows staff across ITS to get to know one another.

Named after the Swedish concept of Fika, staff are encouraged to come together during each session to have a coffee, chat and learn more about their colleagues and what they do within the organisation.

Fika sessions are scheduled on a regular basis throughout the year. These sessions are intended to be informal and fun!

Reward and recognition

The Cultural Awareness Team also helps to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of staff across the division. Recognition is based on a nomination from a colleague, and winners are announced in the IT newsletter, Techtimes.

Nominate a colleague

Nominations should be based on going above and beyond in upholding UQ’s values. Nominees should consistently demonstrate one or more of the following attributes: