We are the University’s Finance Division, part of the Chief Operating Officer’s portfolio.

We help secure the University’s financial future through expert advice, systems and support.

The Finance Division is run by the Chief Financial Officer, whose direct reports include:

  • Corporate Finance – including Asset Management, Taxation and Contracts and Grants
  • Financial Planning and Analysis – including Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Finance Operations – Accounts Payable, Collections and Receivables, Finance Client Support Services
  • Finance Professional Service teams for the Faculties, Institutes and Divisions (8 in total). Each Finance PST is led by a Finance Manager who manages:
    • the Advisory team which includes Senior Management Accountants and Management Accountants who provide budgeting, forecasting and financial advice and services
    • the Transactional Team which includes a Financial Services Coordinator, Senior Finance Officers and Finance Officers who provide accounts payable (including EMS), collections and receivables and other general finance support and services

Our service commitment

Finance values professionalism and accountability. We treat everyone with respect, and work collaboratively to deliver excellent service that enables clients to achieve their priority objectives.

Our service commitment:

  • enabling and helpful
  • professional
  • responsive
  • accountable
  • collaborative
  • transparent. 

Finance service description and client commitment (PDF, 1.7 MB).

Our client commitment

We value our customers and our relationship with them.

We will:

  • provide clear, comprehensive and accurate advice
  • collaborate with our clients to ensure successful outcomes
  • respond to all enquiries courteously, professionally and quickly through the available mechanisms (email, phone or in person).

What we do

Our expert staff are dedicated to providing financial advice, support and solutions. Our customers can: