As part of the ongoing digital transformation of UQ's operating environment, significant investments have been made to improve the quality of the underlying web, student and staff portals, mapping platforms, and associated content. 


Org unit intranet 

We've introduced the org unit intranet service, providing resources and assistance to org units to set up and develop an intranet containing optimised information and services for their own staff. 

Org unit intranet is designed for large, high-level entities within UQ such as faculties, schools, university institutes, and key divisions that need to publish information, resources, news and events internally. 

UQ-wide intranet 

We're undertaking research, design and planning for a proposed UQ-wide intranet that would provide information and services widely applicable to staff and students.

More information on UQ intranet.


We're introducing a set of core digital tools for collaboration between students as well as staff. Collaboration between organisational units and external entities has historically been difficult due to the lack of an enterprise-wide collaboration platform. A core set of digital tools will streamline workflows and allow students and staff to transfer between organisational units and into industry roles more easily.

In progress 

The Digital Environment/my.UQ (DEMU) program is focussing on the following in 2022/2023: 

  1. Student mailbox migration - migrate student mailboxes into the staff email infrastructure, enabling simplified collaboration.

  2. Intranet development and migration - design, develop and migrate internally focused content and services into the new UQ intranet. 

  3. Trial and selection of Microsoft 365 governance tools – meet UQ’s complex and future sustainability needs by improving the self-service and administration of the M365 platform. 

  4. Digital tools adoption - rollout and support change management for a collaboration platform. This will include best practice training for staff across Microsoft 365 productivity apps through workshops and online instructional content.

Delivered services 

The DEMU program has delivered: 

  • Design system - used for the University's primary and strategic web assets. 

  • Org unit intranet - containing information and services for all staff within a specific org unit such as a faculty, school, portfolio or division. Access is restricted to org unit staff only.

  • UQ maps - navigation and live campus insights at UQ. 

  • Microsoft 365 – productivity software suite for staff. This includes cloud-based versions Microsoft services such as Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

  • Microsoft Teams course - this training will help staff members familiarise themselves with the various features and benefits of Microsoft Teams and help them adopt Teams in their day-to-day work activities.