The IT Portfolio Management Offices support the virtual portfolio, which consists of prioritised IT projects carefully selected to achieve the University’s strategic objectives, through the progression of well-considered, well-planned projects, while supporting and improving project management activities to ensure successful delivery.

We have developed a suite of practical service offerings to distribute the most impact in successful project delivery.

We strive to deliver scalable and flexible support services throughout the project lifecycle - from concept and approval gateways to closure.

Our focus lies in providing mature project processes, governance, documentation and templates. Additionally, we consistently analyse portfolio performance to uncover avenues for ongoing improvement.

Discover how we deliver on these objectives and how you can stay connected with the team.

Standardise project initiation

We provide detailed early-stage engagement and advice regarding due diligence and concept development. We ensure project objectives and scope definitions are established early in the project to align project activities to UQ strategy.


Facilitate stakeholder engagement

We assist the project delivery team members to ensure project stakeholders are informed and engaged effectively. With change management principles underpinning all engagement we ensure support provided is useful and effective.

Increase data and reporting quality

We use available data and increase data quality to create project and portfolio reporting that is relevant, accurate and timely


Support improvements at project and portfolio levels

We ensure project risks, benefits and lessons learned are identified, managed and reported. We facilitate engagement of the right people at the right time within projects.

The IT PMO can provide the following services to standardise and facilitate project submissions at various stages of project lifecycle.

Structured guidance and practical support

We develop and maintain a suite of project management templates for Virtual Portfolio (IT) projects, including business case, variation request and project closure templates to enhance consistency across the portfolio.


Advisory services

We assist you by providing budget support and advice on contingency planning and quality assurance.

Project Submissions

We guide projects navigating through key stage gates including IT PAB and assist project team members in improving submission quality

IT PMO can provide any of the following Organizational Change Management Services across the virtual portfolio to enhance delivery of individual projects.

Change Analysis

We can assist with analysing the size of change and required change resourcing for your business case.


Workshop planning and facilitation

We plan and facilitate a variety of workshops including scoping, success, strategy, kick off and lessons learned.


Advice, guidance and, support

We support your project through access to change advice at every stage of the project.


Support Stakeholder Analysis

We assist stakeholders with analysis and impact assessments.

Change Management Planning

We support the planning process by reviewing artefacts and providing feedback.


Success Planning

We plan and facilitate a variety of workshops including scoping, success, strategy, kick off and lessons learned.



We assist projects to engage Change management specialists with recruitment participation.

Provide business analysis consulting services across the virtual portfolio to enhance successful delivery of individual projects.

Facilitate conversations with UQ Stakeholders

We assist project teams by providing advice on who to contact and where to get information.


Support Documentation Creation Process

We contribute to the development of project documents and can review project artefacts.


Coordinate BA CoP

We support the BA Community by facilitating collaboration and providing consistent governance.

Workshop, Planning and Facilitation

We assist project teams by providing advice and planning and facilitating a variety of workshops.


BA Inductions

We facilitate the integration of new BAs starting at UQ.


Develop Templates

We provide mature documentation and templates for various stages of the project.


Carissa Reck

Carissa Reck

Senior Manager, IT PMO
(Portfolio Management Office)

Information Technology Services

Najmeh Rafat

Najmeh Rafat

Business Analyst
Information Technology Services