Why I work at ITS: Luke Angel

Luke Angel knew it would be a defining moment in his career.

Luke Angel
Luke Angel
Senior Manager End User Technology at ITS

Pondering a change of direction, Luke was nearing a decision to leave his long-term role at Information Technology Services (ITS) at The University of Queensland (UQ).

“I felt I had achieved all I wanted in the IT field,” Luke said.

“There’s a strong connection with the fire department in my family so I thought I’d give that a shot.”

But the switch never happened. Instead, ITS opened a new world of possibilities.

“I don’t like sitting still too often, and am always looking for the next challenge,” Luke said. “And a position with the Audio Visual (AV) team came up at ITS.

“It offered a different challenge, more variety, and a chance to learn a different skill set.”

“Everything I had been looking for.”

It was a decision which continued the longevity of what is now a successful 21-year career at ITS.

Along the way, Luke has accessed opportunities to work across various roles and projects, including the world-first Advanced Concept Teaching Space. This has allowed him to upskill, evolve, and discover new aspects about himself.

Luke said he has cultivated positive change within his roles, his goals, and himself at ITS, but one aspect of his career has remained constant.

“You have the opportunity to build something tangible here,” Luke said.

“We have great technology, access to learning, access to knowledge – all the components to make a lasting impact at UQ.

“But when the opportunity arises, you need to put in the work and give it everything you have.”