ITS providing world-class data network

ITS is continuing innovation and excellence by providing a world-class data network at The University of Queensland (UQ).

As part of an ongoing commitment, ITS Infrastructure Operations, in collaboration with the Research Computing Centre and Vendor Partners, is starting the next iteration of innovation and uplift for campus connectivity by establishing a 400GbE high-speed network between key research computing services and devices.

"The University of Queensland prides itself on being at the forefront of Research and a leader in the field of research innovation amongst its peers," according to a project officer.

"To maintain such a footing in the industry requires continual drive to push the boundaries of the status quo, adopting emerging advancements and their application along with the technologies that enable them.

"To support such a mission, the underlying technology infrastructure must keep pace and in most cases be in front of the advancements, to be ready before they are needed."

This network will boost UQ’s reputation and attractiveness, supporting the rapid rate of research and teaching innovation and technology adoption, specifically in the areas of high-speed, data-driven activities.

During 2023, the team began planning and design activities, with the goal of delivering this uplift to High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure hosted at Polaris Data Centre and specialised research devices at the St Lucia campus.

“The University is committed to ensuring that the underpinning infrastructure supporting digital connectivity across our many campus and remote sites is world class and built upon leading-edge technologies," said the officer.

“The 400Gb Network Capability Uplift is a project aimed at delivering the necessary Infrastructure and establishing connectivity.

“The intent is to lay the foundation to scale this capability going forward in line with the demand."

Implementation of the core network was completed in the second half of 2023 with further investment and deployment across campus in 2024 and beyond.

Systems and technologies used in this project

  • Cisco
  • Palo alto
  • High performance computing
  • Dell / EMC