The Record-keeping Improvement Project will deliver an Electronic Document Record Management Solution to staff across UQ.

Inconsistent approaches to records management at UQ expose the organisation to legislative, organisational, and reputational risks.

The UQ Executive has approved funding for the Electronic Document Record Management Solution (EDRMS) project, which will improve electronic document and records management across UQ.

The project will provide a streamlined process to ensure consistent records management at UQ, reducing the institution's exposure to risk.


The project aims to formulate and implement a University-wide record-keeping strategy. It will also deliver a gap analysis of the record-keeping landscape at the University to inform future projects.

The project will consider whether TRIM is the best option for record-keeping. The project team will use the report from the gap analysis to understand how documents are currently stored. They will establish if the current storage meets UQ’s compliance needs, and determine whether a wider adoption of TRIM is the best solution for record-keeping at the University.

Benefits to UQ

  • A single source of truth for all documents, with no need for duplication
  • fully trackable and more secure documents
  • instant access and easier search functions
  • easy and safe sharing of records across the University
  • security classifications and access control for all records (e.g. in-confidence documents)
  • legal and regulatory compliance for records
  • helping the University to meet sustainability goals by reducing paper.


Project team

Name Role
Tony Pitt Project Manager
Dallas Free Change and Training Manager
James Sinclair Record Analyst
Kalpen Shah Systems Administrator
Stephen Valentine Information Management Specialist

Steering Committee

Name Position
Rob Moffatt Chief Information Officer
Andrew Forbes Manager CRM and Records Management
Al Jury Chief Human Resource Officer
Mark Erickson Director, Academic Services Division
Connie Seeto General Counsel
Suresh Chand Director, Governance and Risk
Annette McNicol Director, Library Corporate Service
Marni Jacoby Faculty Executive Manager, Medicine
Tony Pitt Project Manager
Marie Walker Manager, Records Management
Rowan Salt Deputy Director, Applications Delivery and Support