Enterprise IT Strategy (2021 - 2023)

Information Technology (IT) directly supports UQ's strategic mission to provide knowledge leadership for a better world.

IT will focus on 4 key areas in the long-term to help UQ achieve its mission. We will:

  • create an innovative and digitally-integrated learning experience for students
  • provide superior infrastructure, technology and support to researchers
  • use technology to facilitate partnerships and collaboration to develop a diverse community of knowledge seekers and leaders
  • embed technology into every aspect of UQ's professional services to reach key operational objectives.

We're dedicated to providing game-changing, digitally enhanced services, platforms and experiences for UQ's diverse community. The Enterprise IT strategy defines our vision, mission and goals for the future.

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Our goals

Our goals form the basis of the Enterprise IT Strategy and will help us to support UQ and achieve our vision for the future. 

We aim to:

  • Enhance UQ's research, teaching and learning capabilities by developing sector-leading IT solutions that meet the needs of the UQ community, at a cost that UQ can sustain.
  • Continue the transition to an agile, responsive way of working. We will engage with and support the University, providing leadership and guiding decisions on information to help UQ achieve its goals.
  • Digitise the UQ environment to improve service delivery, increase operational efficiencies and deliver valuable, integrated services to the University community.
  • Manage UQ's information to ensure it is inherently valued, trusted and used ethically and effectively by appropriate members of the UQ community.
  • Adopt a holistic, broad-based and sustainable approach to cyber security encompassing technology, processes and people. Reduce and manage cyber security risks to enable effective research, teaching and community engagement.
  • Adopt a One UQ approach to delivering valuable, streamlined IT services that are easy to use and meet the diverse needs of the UQ community. 

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The Cyber Security Strategy goes hand-in-hand with the Information Technology Strategy in support of UQ's mission.

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It is critical that the diverse and often complex requirements of our University underpin our plans for leveraging technology to enable its strategic ambitions.

Our planning approach has been collaborative, developing a principle-based strategy that incorporates staged commitments to delivering on the University’s mission.

Rob Moffatt, Chief Information Officer

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