Enterprise IT Strategy (2021 - 2023)

Information Technology (IT) directly supports UQ's strategic mission to provide knowledge leadership for a better world.

IT will focus on 4 key areas in the long-term to help UQ achieve its mission. We will:

  • create an innovative and digitally-integrated learning experience for students
  • provide superior infrastructure, technology and support to researchers
  • use technology to facilitate partnerships and collaboration to develop a diverse community of knowledge seekers and leaders
  • embed technology into every aspect of UQ's professional services to reach key operational objectives.

We're dedicated to providing game-changing, digitally enhanced services, platforms and experiences for UQ's diverse community. The Enterprise IT strategy defines our vision, mission and goals for the future.

Download the Enterprise IT Strategy (PDF, 7.1 MB)

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Our major programs

IT is undertaking several major programs of work to achieve our strategic goals. Read more about each program below.

Discussion papers

Learn more about key IT strategic priorities by reading our discussion papers.


Defines an approach to enhance and embed automation across UQ to streamline processes, reduce administrative workload and improve the digital experience.

Download the Automation discussion paper (PDF, 869.3 KB)

Digital enablement and adoption

Defines a strategy to develop a digital enablement application suite and support model that allows staff and students to communicate, create and collaborate effectively.

Download the Digital enablement discussion paper (PDF, 734.2 KB)

Data and integration

Addresses key challenges relating to data and integration at UQ, and proposes a new operating model to help UQ harness the power of big data.

Download the Data and integration discussion paper (PDF, 354.5 KB)

Application rationalisation

Outlines the benefits of streamlining UQ’s applications portfolio, and provides a strategy for reducing duplication and increasing value.

Download the Application rationalisation discussion paper (PDF, 430.3 KB)

The Cyber Security Strategy goes hand-in-hand with the Information Technology Strategy in support of UQ's mission.

Read the strategy

It is critical that the diverse and often complex requirements of our University underpin our plans for leveraging technology to enable its strategic ambitions.

Our planning approach has been collaborative, developing a principle-based strategy that incorporates staged commitments to delivering on the University’s mission.

Rob Moffatt, Chief Information Officer

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