UQ Space Planning and Management

We are committed to providing exceptional facilities management across all UQ sites and campuses, in line with the University's teaching and research goals and strategic objectives.

UQ Space Planning and Management is part of the UQ Property and Facilities Division. Our main objective is to deliver physical planning and management of the University sites and spaces, including:

1. Space Planning and Space Management

Our section is divided into Space Planning and Space Management.

Space Planning

Our Space Planning activities include: 

  • preparing new and updating existing Site Development Plans for University campuses
  • assessing and recommending sites for projects and particular uses
  • reviewing building or site proposals in terms of existing site conditions, proposed use and Site Development Plan requirements
  • preparing studies, including built form analysis and local area (precinct) studies
  • giving advice on development approval processes for major and minor building works and site development works (buildings, civil, works and landscaping projects) through various working parties, the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Senate
  • participating in the Property and Facilities Planning Cell review and advice during project design
  • preparing design guides for University projects
  • coordinating supporting documentation (e.g. heritage protocols, property evaluation and landscape notes)
  • providing CAD layout options for proposed space refurbishment
  • providing external and internal signage.


Space Management

Space Management manages the occupancy of spaces and provides services and advice, including:

  • giving recommendations for the allocation, reallocation, refurbishment, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of existing spaces
  • providing annual and ad hoc space management reports for the government, the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA) and Group of Eight (Go8) directors
  • periodically reviewing space allocation in consultation with Organisational Units
  • providing space utilisation reports and information for Faculties, Schools, Institutes, and Administration Units to produce their own reports on space utilisation and management
  • assisting in the utilisation of the space data platform ARCHIBUS, including the provision of trainings and presentations
  • providing UQ space user guidelines for professional staff offices, teaching facilities and other types of space
  • undertaking Space Utilisation Audits and coordinating Space Validation exercises
  • developing and managing people counting technology
  • organising space management events, such as Space Forums, trainings and seminars
  • providing space decanting solutions
  • maintaining a ‘space bank’ for general purpose space to meet unforeseen demand.

Further information about space management, including policy and procedures, can be accessed through the Use and Management of UQ Land, Buildings and Facilities Policy (7.10.01)

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