These pages are a guide for project managers and other UQ staff who are responsible for the delivery of IT projects, or the IT component of a broader project. The pages are divided into the Project Management Body of Knowledge process areas, with information and links to resources specific to UQ and appropriate to each process. Not all projects will require all of the resources provided; appropriate resources to employ should be determined by the size and scope of each project. 

1. Initiation

IT Projects at UQ are initiated and managed in accordance with the IT Project Management Framework.  

Project Approval Board (PAB)

Projects at UQ involving information technology (IT) are reviewed by the IT Project Approval Board (PAB) at initiation. The PAB meets weekly to assess submissions. Following PAB review, proposals are either approved, not approved, or returned for further information. 

In some cases, you may be invited to attend the PAB meeting for the discussion around your submission. In most cases, the outcome is communicated at the conclusion of the discussion.

Project Approval Board

Criteria for assessing submissions

PAB assesses submissions against a range of criteria:

  • the solution is the most appropriate for the identified requirement
  • required roles are appropriately allocated such as a qualified project manager and technical lead
  • key stakeholders have been identified and engaged/consulted
  • there is evidence of support and/or commitment from project sponsors and business owners
  • the budget is identified and the solution is cost efficient
  • resources have been appropriately identified
  • the proposed solution does not introduce overlap in functionality with existing applications
  • any impact on ITS teams and established initiatives and projects is manageable
  • the project duration has been realistically scoped
  • appropriate risk identification and management is evident
  • appropriate governance will be put in place
  • dependencies on other projects have been identified and planned.

What you need to do

For projects initiated within faculties, divisions and institutes, follow the procedure outlined on the projects with IT requirements webpage, and speak with your Relationship Manager or local IT Manager for direction.  ITS staff should speak with their Associate or Deputy Director.

For all projects, the initiation document depends on the size of the project:

The following guide to project size is taken from the IT Project Management Framework. It is recommended that where one criteria falls into a larger project size, the project should be considered to be the size of the larger project. 

Criteria Small project Medium project Large project
Enterprise risk level Low Medium High/Extreme
Business unit involvement Contained within a business unit Spans 2 business units Spans multiple business units
Estimated project duration Between 3 and 6 months Between 4 and 12 months Greater than 12 months
Technical complexity Low technical and business complexity Moderate technical and business complexity High technical and business complexity
Scope impact Only within originating business unit Only the IT community within UQ At least 1 business unit beyond originating unit
Project budget Less than $100K $100K–$500K More than $500K


The Project Advisory Board sits every Thursday at 10am. Submissions are due by COB Monday to be reviewed at that week’s PAB meeting. For enquiries contact

Project management framework

The IT Project Management Framework (DOCX, 732.4 KB) provides detailed information about governance requirements and control points throughout IT projects at UQ. This document aligns with the Project Governance and Management Framework, established to ensure effective and efficient governance and management of the overall portfolio of projects and programs at UQ. 

Reporting requirements

All projects approved at PAB have monthly reporting requirements for the life of the project. Guidance on the monthly reporting requirements can be found on the Project Governance Office website.

IT project management at UQ - Induction

It is expected that all IT project managers new to UQ will attend this session outlining project delivery requirements as specified in the ITS Project Management Framework.  Information is available on the Staff Development website.

Further training and inductions

The following inductions and training sessions may be useful to IT project managers navigating the UQ environment.

Microsoft Teams for UQ Staff: This course provides an introduction to the features and capabilities of ‘Microsoft Teams’ as a collaboration hub.

Enterprise Risk Training (videos): Navigate to the training option to view 2 useful videos on understanding and applying the UQ risk matrix.

Cyber Security Risk Management: Aimed at all UQ staff who have an interest in cyber security.

Data Governance Essentials:  Handle data more efficiently and effectively, promoting transparency, security, and better management. In addition, it will provide participants an understanding of data governance and data management practices at UQ.

Recruitment and Selection: This session is geared to provide Hiring Managers with the skills they need to make swift, informed and positive decisions throughout the Recruitment & Selection process at the University.

Online Procurement Fundamentals: The Online Procurement Fundamentals course is designed for anyone co-ordinating the procurement of goods or services at The University of Queensland.

Budgeting & Forecasting: An Overview:  This course is designed for staff who are required to prepare a budget or forecast and will detail the budgeting and forecasting process at UQ.