These pages are a guide for any UQ staff members responsible for the delivery of IT projects, or the IT component of a broader project. The pages are divided into the Project Management Body of Knowledge process areas, with information and links to resources specific to UQ and appropriate to each process. Not all projects will require all of the resources provided; appropriate resources to employ should be determined by the size and scope of each project. 

1. Initiation

IT Projects at UQ are initiated and managed in accordance with the IT Project Management Framework. 

Project Initiation 

Projects at UQ involving information technology (IT) are reviewed by the IT Project Approval Board (PAB) for strategic alignment, feasibility and risk. Following PAB review, the initiative may also be referred for data scoping, cyber security assessment, and/or to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for subject matter expert review.

IT Project Approval BoardIT Project Approval Board Factsheet (PDF, 137.7 KB)IT Technical Advisory Group Factsheet (PDF, 199.4 KB)

What you need to do

For projects initiated within faculties, divisions and institutes, your Relationship Manager or local IT Manager will assist in the first instance.  The projects with IT requirements webpage provides further information. ITS staff should speak with their Associate or Deputy Director.

You will need to complete and submit an initiation document:

The following guide to project size is taken from the IT Project Management Framework. It is recommended that where one criteria falls into a larger project size, the project should be considered to be the size of the larger project. 

CriteriaSmall projectMedium projectLarge project
Enterprise risk levelLowMediumHigh/Extreme
Business unit involvementContained within a business unitSpans 2 business unitsSpans multiple business units
Estimated project durationBetween 3 and 6 monthsBetween 4 and 12 monthsGreater than 12 months
Technical complexityLow technical and business complexityModerate technical and business complexityHigh technical and business complexity
Scope impactMinimal changes to processes and proceduresChange to one or more processes or procedures affecting a small group/cohortSignificant change to one or more common processes or procedures impacting a broad group or multiple groups
Project budgetLess than $100K$100K–$500KMore than $500K


  • First discuss your proposal with your local Relationship Manager or ITS AD/DD.
  • Initiation documents are submitted to the PAB secretary.  Once submitted, the key contact will receive an invitation to meet to clarify any of the provided information. 
  • The submission will then be initially reviewed at the UQ IT Project Advisory Board (PAB) and depending on the complexity, may be referred for data scoping, cyber security assessment, and/or to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for subject matter expert review.
  • Submission owners will be engaged throughout the process.
  • Where a proposal is reviewed by TAG, outcomes will be provided to the submission owner for further action or progression to final approval at PAB.
  • Submission outcomes will be communicated via email to the key contact at the earliest possible time.

The Project Advisory Board sits every Thursday at 10am. The Technical Advisory Group sits every Tuesday at 1pm. For enquiries contact

IT project management at UQ - Induction for UQ staff

UQ staff managing projects with IT components are encouraged to attend this session outlining IT project delivery requirements as specified in the ITS Project Management Framework.  Available for enrolment on Workday.

Project management framework

The IT Project Management Framework (DOCX, 732.4 KB) provides detailed information about governance requirements and control points throughout IT projects at UQ. This document aligns with the Project Governance and Management Framework, established to ensure effective and efficient governance and management of the overall portfolio of projects and programs at UQ. 

Project management community engagement

Project managers are invited to attend the Project Management Community of Practice and the Project Management Forum.

Project management community engagement