The Health, Safety and Wellness Division promotes the highest practicable standard of occupational health, safety and wellness within the University of Queensland, supports a positive Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) culture and facilitates compliance with legislation and national standards.  It works with UQ management and the UQ work health and safety network to effectively manage OHS risk and to minimise injury and illness of staff and students during their teaching, research and support activities.

The Health, Safety and Wellness Division has 10 core functions:

  1. Supporting UQ health, safety and wellness governance and consultative mechanisms.
  2. Developing, managing and maintaining UQ’s OHS management system.
  3. Facilitating risk management processes at UQ.
  4. Developing and delivering health, safety and wellness programs.
  5. Providing advice, information and services.
  6. Monitoring health, safety and wellness performance.
  7. Developing health, safety and wellness capability.
  8. Incident investigation.
  9. Engagement with regulators and stakeholders.
  10. Workers’ compensation self-insurance and return to work services.

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