The Integrity and Investigations Unit (IIU) is committed to contributing to the development of a working environment that promotes ethical behaviour and decision-making across The University of Queensland (UQ).

The IIU bases its work around the ethics principles from UQ’s Code of Conduct, namely: 

  • Integrity and impartiality;
  • Promoting the public good;
  • A commitment to the system of government; and
  • Accountability and Transparency.

The experienced team are responsible for;

  • Training: ethical awareness, ethical decision making, investigations training;
  • Public Interest Disclosure (reporting, training and support),
  • Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) liaison, and
  • Investigations into Corrupt Conduct and also any matter deemed appropriate.

The provision of advice in relation to:

  • Complaint management processes,
  • Advice on dealing with corrupt conduct,
  • Conflicts of Interest, and
  • Relevant issues where Ethical Decision Making is required.

View Functional Organisational Chart (PDF, 97KB)