The Strategic Program Office ensures the successful delivery of major programs of work through:

  •   Robust business cases
  •    Deep understanding of end user business requirements
  •   Effective change management
  •   Structured program management
  •   Development of integrative solutions with our stakeholders

The Strategic Program Office provides:

  • high quality program management expertise for strategic programs, including feasibility, business case and delivery of projects
  • real benefits to UQ by identifying and reporting on tangible outcomes
  • support to UQ to integrate and realise the benefits of major strategic change programs
  • change management by identifying key stakeholders and impacts across UQ and by planning and delivering change management, engagement and communication activities.

How we work

We use a structured strategic program approach to identify, maximise and safeguard value to ensure UQ achieves its strategic objectives while striving for integration and quality. We provide facts for decision-making in partnership with UQ’s Executive to:

  • receive and develop ideas and proposals for consideration
  • actively facilitate executive discussion and decision-making
  • co-ordinate and refine proposals so that the senior executive has appropriate information on which to make decisions
  • ensure business cases for enterprise wide and major programs/projects are robust, and risks/benefits are identified before a commitment to proceed
  • ensure alignment between program/project proposals and the strategic objectives of the University
  • lead project start up and implementation planning together with the relevant functional portfolio
  • provide governance support, reporting and oversight of major programs/projects to senior executive governance bodies within a consistent framework and at a program level
  • increase change management capacity and capability within programs to ensure our people are supported throughout major change programs
  • assist functions with project delivery, close out and benefits evaluation.

Project roadmap

The SPO uses a staged roadmap to partner with the UQ Executive to:

  1. identify and recognise opportunities and their value 
  2. undertake preliminary exploration, evaluation and selection
  3. to define the needs of the end users
  4. execute the approved plans through effective change control and realise the benefits.
Diagram of 4 stages of project roadmap. Text description above
SPO project roadmap. Click image to enlarge.