ModWest is a temporary teaching facility located behind the Art Museum on the St Lucia campus. The facility will support teaching and learning advancements in the short-term while plans for permanent Teaching and Learning facilities are developed and finalised.

The project was approved in response to school and faculty feedback for the provision of more large scale, interactive learning areas.

ModWest will create seven new spaces for collaborative learning:

  • Two 78 capacity rooms
  • Three 120 capacity rooms*
  • Two 150 capacity rooms*

*These rooms can be combined together to form larger rooms of 240 and 300 respectively.

View the ModWest teaching facility room layout (PDF, 435 KB)

Rooms will be equipped with six seat collaborative tables that can combine to form eight or nine seat tables and will feature whiteboards (both wall lined and mobile) and power options for students. All rooms will have standard central audio-visual functionality, some with the ability to provide dual inputs on projection screens.

The name ModWest is derived from the word ‘modular’ – meaning composed of standardised units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement – with ‘west’ representing the building location on campus in relation to other similarly named buildings (e.g. General Purpose North and General Purpose South).


The facility will operate for a period of five years and will open during the second half of 2020.


Information about building works and disruptions associated with this site is available on the road and building works page.

For building and construction related enquiries, contact Jane Carr.

For learning space related enquires, contact Matthew Scott.

For booking enquiries, email

ModWest concept drawings

Concept drawing of the ModWest teaching facility from a bird's eye view, showing a large v-shaped building

Concept drawing of the right wing of the ModWest teaching facility

Concept drawing of the ModWest teaching facility from the front, showing a wide entry courtyard surrounded by trees

Concept drawing of the ModWest teaching facility surrounded by a grass field and jacarandas

Concept drawing of the ModWest teaching facility showing large glass windows as seen from the road

Concept drawing of the side of the ModWest teaching facility, showing large glass windows and white walls

Concept drawing of a balcony and outdoor seating in the ModWest teaching facility