Construction work on the Andrew N. Liveris Building began in June 2018, with completion expected in early 2021.

For information about the building works and photos showing the project progress, see the road and building works website.

The Andrew N. Liveris Building (PDF, 123KB) will:

  • support one of UQ’s most consistently high-performing schools with a history of significant research outcomes, industry engagement, innovation and impactful alumni
  • set a new standard in flexible and shared laboratory accommodation at UQ, with an open plan allowing maximum opportunity for undergraduates, postgraduates and staff to interact and experience a research-led educational experience
  • significantly increase the university’s available supply of flat-floor, flexible teaching rooms for flipped-classroom and problem-based learning
  • be UQ’s flagship space, integrating innovative teaching with interdisciplinary and solutions-focused research
  • support active learning, further developing UQ’s global reputation as a leader in these activities
  • act as a vibrant hub for industry and interdisciplinary collaboration to address global challenges in areas such as energy, water and sustainable manufacturing
  • inspire students, research scholars and staff alike and enable industry partners to participate in the learning and discovery process
  • garner international attention and be a physical representation of the excellence that has defined UQ Engineering for over 100 years.

Read more about the building project in UQ News (6 April 2018 - Historic gift from Andrew and Paula Liveris).

Andrew N. Liveris Building – exterior (click to enlarge)
Andrew N. Liveris Building – interior (click to enlarge)
Andrew N. Liveris Building – interior (click to enlarge)