Lecture transcription and search will enable students to search within their lectures to easily find relevant course content.

UQ provides students access to recordings of their course lectures to enable them to catch up on or revisit lecture material after it is delivered.

Currently, students have to rely on their memory of lecture content, review limited metadata such as the topic name or lecture date, or skip through the entire lecture to identify core pieces of information. This can be a time-consuming process, and does not allow students to easily find important course information.


The project aims to build a proof-of-concept that works across all subjects and speaking types to allow students to search lecture recordings for spoken keywords or concepts.

Initially, the proof-of-concept will only be available to a specific set of courses rather than a university-wide rollout.

Benefits to UQ

The proof-of-concept will:

  • provide validation of technologies that can be considered for larger projects relating to audio transcription and searching
  • provide insight into future projects for off-the-shelf procurement-leveraging technologies and new projects developed by ITS
  • identify student interest in the technology and provide valuable data for related future projects.

The system is also easily modified to apply to different projects, and if the current audio transcription does not deliver the best results it will be easy to change to a different provider in order to achieve a better outcome.


Development of the proof-of-concept is underway.

  • August 2018: tangible demo available.
  • September - October 2018: estimated completion of proof-of-concept, outreach to course coordinators and accepting volunteers.
  • Semester 1 2019: anticipated rollout of program.

Project team

The project is sponsored by Rob Moffatt, Chief Information Officer.

  • Jack Mason (project manager)
  • Marcus Rosen
  • Nancy Blessing
  • Richard Rerrie (contract owner)


For more information about the project, contact Jack Mason jack.mason@uq.edu.au.

Want to help?

The Lecture transcription and search project is seeking course coordinators of different genders from different faculties to ensure the proof-of-concept works across many speaking styles, voices and topics. 

Contact the project manager for more information.