Cyber security

UQ aims to deliver a cyber security program that enhances our cyber security maturity, effectively manages risk, and protects UQ’s community and information assets against a constantly evolving threat landscape.

The cyber security program plans to achieve the following in 2021:

  • target areas where UQ operates outside its cyber security risk appetite

  • test and deploy additional features within the firewall infrastructure to increase the security of the on-campus network and devices

  • automate privileges and access management where possible

  • enhance asset and third party management maturity levels

  • enable hosted server account management

  • improve email security

  • address risks associated with remote working

  • implement cyber security monitoring and reporting systems to give greater visibility of UQ’s cyber security environment and allow IT to measure the effectiveness of security controls

  • implement a cultural change program to increase cyber security awareness throughout the UQ community.

UQ's Cyber Security Strategy