The HARP Program introduces a new health and recreation precinct that will be located near the northern end of the hockey fields in close proximity to the UQ Centre and the Aquatic Centre. 

The HARP Program comes as a revision of the original HARC Program that was put on hold in March 2020, due to uncertainty created by COVID-19. The revised scheme was developed to consider options that will deliver both the benefits and outcomes identified in the original HARC scheme and increase utilisation of existing assets.   

The Precinct includes the following businesses and functions:  

  • UQ Sport – fitness and recreational activities through individual and group programs.  
  • MSK Clinic (currently MSSI) – student-led allied health clinic specialising in sport and musculoskeletal injuries.  
  • UQ Health Care – primary care GP practice that also provides specialist mental health support.   
  • UQ Wellness – wellbeing programs for staff focusing on lifestyle, psychological health, physical health, and organisational engagement.   

Co-locating these services creates the potential for enhanced and new services that better meet the needs of a broad range of customers. A co-located environment will also facilitate clinical research and will establish UQ as an exemplar of evidence-based teaching and learning.   

Regular sport will be introduced back into the UQ Centre Exhibition Hall while continuing to serve the UQ Community for key activities including graduations, exams, teaching, and other events. The use of the UQ Centre will provide UQ Sport and other clubs with access to three  Olympic sized, air-conditioned sports courts.   

A culture of health and wellness at UQ is an enabler for the engagement and retention of students and staff, and to build more productive long-term relationships with alumni and members of the local community.    


Construction of the new precinct is expected to commence in Q3 2023, with the facility to open in 2025. The UQ Sport Fitness Centre, UQ Health Care, MSK and UQ Wellness activities will continue with business as usual until completion of the new precinct.  

Program contacts 

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HARP Program
Chief Operating Officer (Executive Sponsor)Andrew Flannery