Known issues with the CAHP system are listed below.

Recently fixed issues are moved to the "Fixed" section, so if you are checking on the status of an issue and can't see it in the main list, make sure to check the fixed section.

If you encounter an issue with the system that does not appear on the list, contact the CAHP project team.

Course planning

Issue Status

Some teaching activities are set to 0 minutes

Some Schools have reported instances where the duration of some of their teaching activities have been set to 0 minutes. This issue appears to be rare but does happen sporadically. When it does occur, the correct minutes are displayed on the Course Planning page, but the individual instances of the teaching activity have been set to 0 minutes. The project team are monitoring this issue but it has not occurred in some weeks. If you see this issue occur in one of your courses, please contact

Monitoring for recurrence


Issue Status

The text in the Unitask email to Heads of Schools is not clear

The text in the Unitask email to Heads of Schools when they need to approve New Hires or Placements is not clear and will be updated to provide clear instructions.


Unitask emails for HR PSts are sent to the HR pool and not to individuals

Currently, when a Unitask email is sent to the HR PSt, it is sent to a number of individuals. This will be updated so that the email is sent to the HR Pool only.


The Placements page does not show the updated status after submitting Placements for approval

Currently, the Placements page does not show the updated status after the School Manager or Administrator submits Placements for approval by the Head of School. Refreshing the page manually in the browser (F5) works, but this will be modified to occur automatically.


User interface

Issue Status

Already actioned data (such as approvals) continue to be visible in the CAHP system while no longer relevant

Older, no longer relevant data is still visible in a variety of locations in the CAHP system. For example, rejected placements are still visible on the Head of School Approvals page. A facility will be created to clean up the user interface so that it is easier to spot notifications that are relevant now.


New hires

Issue Status

New Hires are unable to upload larger files as evidence

There is currently a relatively low file size limit for New Hires to upload evidence of their identity, right to work and qualifications. This will be increased to make it easier for New Hires to submit their documentation in the next Semester.


Wording on the New Hires Personal Details page could be improved

There is some guidance available on the New Hires Personal Details page, but this could be improved to provide additional information.


Scrolling through the Head of School approval page is not possible when accessed from my.UQ

When a Head of School accesses the New Hire or Placement approval page via the link on my.UQ, they are unable to scroll and see the full list in the event there are a larger number of New Hires / Placements. The workaround is for the Head of School to log in to the CAHP system directly via



Issue Status

Timesheets for casual academic staff who do not have a supervisor set up on their position in Aurion may experience problems on submitting.

A fix will be delivered to handle such timesheets better.


Staff who are supervisors but not a School Manager or School administrator are unable to submit timesheets on behalf of casual academics.

These staff can still approve/reject/amend timesheets submitted by casual academics, but can't raise a new timesheet. School Managers or administrators and the CAHP Support team can still create timesheets on behalf of casual academics. Contact if you or one of your supervisors is affected and the CAHP Project team will raise the timesheet. 


Other issues

Issue Status

Public holidays in the CAHP system are set to the Brisbane calendar, which does not always suit all locations

Not all public holidays fall on the same day in each Campus. For example, the show holiday is different between St Lucia and Gatton. Better support for this item will be investigated.


Fixed issues

Issue Date fixed

Clicking the Generate Pay Schedule button hides teaching activities from Casual Academics until Approved

Teaching activities that have not yet been sent to Aurion are un-approved when you click the Generate button on the Pay Schedule Approval page. This allows the system to incorporate any adjustments that have been made on the Course Planning page. The side result of that is that the teaching activities disappear from the Teaching Activity Schedule until you click the Approve button, because the Teaching Activity Schedule only displays approved teaching activities. We recommend approving the pay schedule as quickly as possible after generating.

20 December 2018

It's not possible to approve a previous pay period and then a current pay period MyAurion form

When a previous pay period form is approved first and then a current pay period form, the system won't allow the user to proceed without forgetting the previous pay period forms. This issue will be removed when the MyAurion form is moved into the CAHP system. Until then, please approve the current pay period form before approving any previous pay period forms.
20 December 2018 (replaced with CAHP timesheet)

Deleting all lines in a timesheet returns the timesheet to the original schedule

When all lines in a timesheet are deleted in MyAurion, the system reverts to the original timesheet. This issue will be removed when the MyAurion form is moved into the CAHP system. Contact if you would like to remove all activities on a timesheet.
20 December 2018 (replaced with CAHP timesheet)

The MyAurion form is slow and not user friendly

The MyAurion form suffered a performance drop a number of weeks ago. A fix was released to resolve the majority of the performance issues, and the Aurion upgrade on 30 September 2018 further improved the speed of the forms. Work remains ongoing to replace the MyAurion form functionality with similar features in the CAHP system itself. This CAHP form is estimated to be delivered in Summer Semester.
20 December 2018 (replaced with CAHP timesheet)

Green bars on Pay Schedule Approval page persist until log out

A small subset of users have reported the green bars that display when generating / approving pay schedules are not cleared from the screen. This can also cause problems unlocking the current pay period. The workaround is to log out and log back in to CAHP.
23 November 2018

For timesheets with a large number of activities, the MyAurion form does not load

The MyAurion form could get stuck for timesheets with a large number of activities in them. The Aurion upgrade on 30 September 2018 resolved this issue. Please contact if you still experience this problem.

30 September 2018

Numbering of teaching activities does not always match Syllabus+

There was an issue where the numbering of teaching activities in the CAHP system does not match the numbering in SI-net and Syllabus+. For example, Tutorial 1/3 in SI-net and Syllabus+ may be called Tutorial 1/4 in the CAHP system.

13 September 2018

When a teaching activity is scheduled differently in multiple weeks, actual student numbers may be calculated incorrectly

If a teaching activity is scheduled differently in one of the weeks (for example, a lecture is being held in a different room), then the enrolment numbers could be doubled.

13 September 2018

HR PSts do not yet have access to the Teaching Activity Schedule

HR PSts have now been given access to Casual Academics’ Teaching Activity Schedule to enable them to provide better support.

13 September 2018

It can be difficult to remove Casual Academics with long names from activities (can’t reach the ‘x’)

The User Interface was updated to determine how it can be made easier to reach the ‘x’ for Casual Academics with long names.

13 September 2018

Generating Semester 2 activities unapproves Semester 1 activities

When Semester 2 activities were Generated, this impacted teaching activities from Semester 1 courses that are to be scheduled in the current or future pay periods.

13 September 2018

Payment is not generating for staff who hold a PhD AND are set up as a Lead Tutor AND who complete activities that are sensitive to both of these items

In the event a staff member holds a PhD AND has been set up as a Lead Tutor on a course, AND the teaching activity that they perform is sensitive to both these items with regards to the assigned pay scale, the CAHP system did not assign the correct pay scale and payment was not generated for these activities.

13 September 2018

Cannot assign more than 24 hours to a single staff member in one day

Whenever more than 24 hours cumulatively have been assigned to a single staff member (employee number) in one day, the data is not sent to Aurion. This can happen when, for example, 30 hours of marking is assigned to a staff member in a week, which is administratively assigned to a Wednesday. A manual workaround is required for these instances, which is currently managed by the CAHP Support team. If this affects you, the CAHP team will contact you. Functionality is being tested to better manage these instances so that manual intervention is no longer required.

8 November 2018

It is difficult to distinguish courses that are offered across different teaching modes and campuses

Courses that are offered across different teaching modes looked the same on the Course dropdown box on the Course Planning page. An identifier was included to tell apart courses with different modes more easily in the CAHP release on 13 September 2018.

30 August 2018
Some larger Schools cannot review their full schedule

Some larger Schools were unable to download the full teaching schedule from the Pay Schedule Approval page. This issue has now been resolved.
30 August 2018


If you have questions about the CAHP system, contact the project team