The CAHP project applies to all academic staff members employed on a casual basis to assist with teaching and learning activities at UQ. Information on how to use the CAHP system is available on the Systems Training Hub. Frequently asked questions are listed below.

If you still have a question, contact the CAHP project team.

Information for course coordinators and supervisors

How will the CAHP project affect me?

In some schools the Course Coordinator may use the CAHP system to allocate casual academic staff members to teaching activities. In other Schools, the School Manager or their delegate may set up individual courses. If you are not sure of your role within your School contact the School Manager.

Will I be able to track expenditure against courses?

Yes. Payments made to casual academics will have the associated course code attached to them (as the FFT in the transaction in UniFi), so reports can be made to track expenditure.

When will UQ credentials be issued for new hires?

Once the Head of School approves a new hire, an automatic process will generate the UQ credentials and email them to the personal address supplied by the new hire. The process may take up to 24 hours. In the event of a delay longer than 24 hours, contact the ITS Helpdesk.

When will my new hires be available in the ECP and Blackboard?

After the Head of School approves the new hires, the new casuals will be given UQ credentials through an automatic process. These credentials will be available for selection in the ECP and Blackboard 48-72 hours after the Head of School approval. If the process has taken longer than 72 hours, please contact the ITS Helpdesk ( or X 336 56000) for assistance.

How long does it take for data to be transferred between Aurion and CAHP?

Data is transferred between the systems overnight, except for the Thursday and Friday night mid-pay period when Aurion is closed for pay processing.

How can I check which teaching activities have been sent from CAHP to Aurion?

When you review your schedule the column on the right marked ‘Received by Aurion’ shows a ‘Y’ if the teaching activities have transferred successfully.

I am a supervisor. Who approves time sheets when I go on leave?

When you go on leave, your School Manager and CAHP Administration team can approve your Casual Academics' timesheets for you. Please make arrangements with your Administration team to approve your timesheets while you are away. Contact the project team for assistance if you have any questions.

What does the ‘Generate Pay Schedule’ spreadsheet show?

Clicking on 'generate pay schedule' will create a spreadsheet which shows details of any teaching activities that have been added or changed since the last time the pay schedule was approved. To see an overview of all teaching activities for the pay period or the whole semester, click ‘Review schedule for current pay period’ or ‘Review semester full schedule’ on the Pay Schedule Approval page.

When should I generate and approve the pay schedule?

You can generate, approve and unlock the pay schedule as many times as you need to until the system deadline. The system deadline is currently Thursday at 5pm in the second week of the pay period.

View the 2019 casual academic pay dates (PDF, 611.6 KB)

Information for casual academics

How will the CAHP project affect me?

As a casual academic staff member you will no longer be required to complete time sheets if you do not deviate from your teaching activity schedule. A time sheet is only required if your scheduled activities change: for example, if you were unable to complete a teaching activity, or if you completed a teaching activity additional to your schedule.

Will my pay rate change?

Pay rates will not be affected by the CAHP project. The existing pay rates and rules are incorporated in the system and applied in the same way as they were previously.

View casual academic pay rates

Where can I download my payslips?

Log into MyAurion and go to Dashboard > Payroll > Pay Summaries to download your payslips.

I think I have been paid incorrectly. What should I do?

The system will pay according to the activities listed in the timesheet and the associated pay rates. You can use the Teaching Activity Schedule (staff login required) to see what hours have been paid to you

If you are paid an incorrect amount, you can submit a change in the next timesheet. Payment will be corrected in the next pay run after you submit your timesheet. If you have any further questions, contact your Supervisor.

I have a PhD, but I am not being paid at this rate. What should I do?

CAHP uses the data that is entered into Aurion in order to pay you at the correct rate. Contact HR so that they can check that your qualifications have been recorded accurately in Aurion.

What if I’m a tutor in more than one school?

If you are a tutor in multiple schools, you will receive separate placements with separate employee numbers. Your schedule for each school will be communicated to you by the respective Course Coordinator for each course. Otherwise, you can view the Teaching Activity Schedule in the CAHP system.

I have received my offer letter, but I can’t login to CAHP. How do I login?

The CAHP system uses your UQ staff username to log you in. Your UQ staff username is 7 letters long, and generally starts with “uq”. Note that if you also have UQ student credentials, these cannot be used to login to the CAHP system.

If you are a new staff member at UQ, your credentials will be emailed to the personal address you supplied to your school within 24 hours of your appointment being approved. If you received your offer letter more than 24 hours ago and you still have not received your credentials, contact the ITS Helpdesk.

I am a new hire and can't upload my documents. What should I do?

The file size limit in CAHP is 200KB. Ensure that your documents are not larger than 200KB. If your files meet the size limit but you are still unable to upload them, contact the CAHP team.

What does a conditional offer letter mean?

A conditional offer letter means that you will be hired as long as the defined conditions are met. In the CAHP process, the defined conditions are:

  • providing the required documents
  • having work rights in Australia (including passing a sanction check if required)
  • not holding a UQ Honorary appointment.

Schools also have conditions that need to be met. These could include:

  • having sufficient class numbers to continue with a timetabled activity
  • completing mandatory training packages.

Teaching Activity Schedule

What is the Teaching Activity Schedule?

The Teaching Activity Schedule displays all teaching activities assigned to you, the duration of the activity, and what you can expect to be paid.

Learn more about the Teaching Activity Schedule on Systems Training Hub (staff login required)

Are the dollar amounts displayed inclusive or exclusive of tax and other deductions?

The dollar amounts are gross amounts. Any taxes or other pay modifications are still to be applied.

My schedule looks wrong/I am not satisfied with my schedule. What should I do?

Contact your supervisor to discuss any issues with your schedule. If you are not satisfied with your schedule, you should discuss this with your supervisor or the School Manager.

I have a clash on my timetable. What should I do?

Contact your supervisor to resolve any timetable clashes.

Why do some of my teaching activities have no time listed?

Teaching activities with no time listed do not need to be completed at a specific time of day. For example, marking is not scheduled to take place at a specific time, so the time field is left blank.

CAHP automatically sets the day to Wednesday if the activity doesn't occur on a specific day of the week.

A change has been made to my teaching activities. Why can't I see this change on my Teaching Activity Schedule?

The Teaching Activity Schedule only displays activities that have been approved by the School Manager or delegate. Once the change in the schedule has been approved, it will be displayed on your Teaching Activity Schedule.

If you have any questions about your Teaching Activity Schedule, contact your supervisor or School Manager.


For more information about CAHP, contact the project team