Communication Date
CAHP release: Timesheets (PDF, 333.6 KB) 21 December 2018
Scheduled outage notification new casual academic timesheets (PDF, 192KB) 20 December 2018
New casual academic timesheets from 2019 (PDF, 201KB) 18 December 2018
Action required for Semester 1: call for tutor training sessions and setting up Deputy Head of School (PDF, 193KB) 11 December 2018
Reminder: Compressed payroll timelines (PDF, 208KB) 28 November 2018
Feedback on CAHP features requested by 12pm Friday 30 November (PDF, 209KB) 27 November 2018
CAHP User Group update – please nominate User Acceptance Testers (PDF, 223KB) 26 November 2018
CAHP release: better integration and bug fixes (PDF, 341KB) 23 November 2018
CAHP release: assigning more than 24 hours in one activity (PDF, 347KB) 8 November 2018
Casual academic staff: the way you enter time sheets will change from 2019 (PDF, 209KB) 30 October 2018
School Admins, notification of termination of people without current placements (PDF, 191KB) 14 October 2018
CAHP changes resulting from Aurion upgrade (PDF, 433KB) 28 September 2018
CAHP pay timeframes (pay adjustments and advances) (PDF, 381KB) 14 September 2018
CAHP release: course and position management page and other enhancements (PDF, 602KB) 31 September 2018
CAHP release: Aurion form performance improvement, placement improvements and rounding (PDF, 667KB) 30 August 2018
CAHP approvals in schools (PDF, 176KB) 27 August 2018
CAHP pay schedule deadlines update (PDF, 438KB) 21 August 2018
CAHP list of known issues and requested functionality (PDF, 455KB) 14 August 2018
CAHP important update for casual academic staff (PDF, 438KB) 10 August 2018
Week 3-4 pay schedule deadline extended to Friday 17 August and note regarding teaching activites (PDF, 364KB) 10 August 2018
CAHP issue with casual academic staff submitting MyAurion forms (PDF, 418KB) 7 August 2018
CAHP known issues (PDF, 426KB) 3 August 2018
CAHP - have you got your pay schedules finished? (PDF, 341KB) 1 August 2018
For your reference: CAHP statuses explained (PDF, 590KB) 31 July 2018
CAHP important update for casual academic staff (PDF, 438KB) 30 July 2018
CAHP pay schedule transfer date extended (PDF, 440KB) 27 July 2018
Casual academic information pack - tutor information session slides (PDF, 3MB) 25 July 2018
Now available: CAHP placement enhancements stage 2 (PDF, 478KB) 24 July 2018
CAHP update: 'time per session' discrepancy, course coordinators and scrolling through approval pages (PDF, 455KB) 16 July 2018
CAHP issue - MyAurion form (PDF, 255KB) 13 July 2018
CAHP casual academic staff walk-in sessions (PDF, 270KB) 11 July 2018
Placement process and workflows - stage 1 (PDF, 553KB) 9 July 2018
New hire process and workflows released (PDF, 605KB) 4 July 2018
Update 2: CAHP production discrepancy (PDF, 278KB) 27 June 2018
Update 1: CAHP production discrepancy (PDF, 154KB) 25 June 2018
CAHP production discrepancy (PDF, 271KB) 22 June 2018
Casual academic Teaching Activity Schedule - School administrator view released (PDF, 460KB) 15 June 2018
For your review: CAHP position costings (PDF, 179KB) 15 June 2018
CAHP preparation for Semester 2 (PDF, 482KB) 13 June 2018
CAHP Casual academic staff walk-in sessions (PDF, 270KB) 29 May 2018
CAHP Release 1.4 successful deployment (PDF, 337KB) 22 May 2018
Teaching Activity Schedule communications to casual academics (PDF, 452KB) 9 May 2018
Teaching Activity Schedule communications to HR and payroll (PDF, 402KB) 9 May 2018
Teaching Activity Schedule communications to School administrators (PDF, 505KB) 9 May 2018
Teaching Activity Schedule successful deployment (PDF, 455KB) 9 May 2018
Reminder: CAHP deadlines for current and future pay period (PDF, 193KB) 19 April 2018
CAHP - update of changes (PDF, 63KB) 16 April 2018
Public holidays and CAHP (PDF, 68KB) 23 March 2018
Update on CAHP and imminent deadlines (PDF, 148KB) 21 March 2018
Poster for casual academic staff (PDF, 2.6MB) 23 February 2018
CAHP update: Immediate improvements and future work (PDF, 113KB) 13 February 2018
Update on Casual Academic Hire and Payment (PDF, 50KB) 9 February 2018
Important information - CAHP project (PDF, 488KB) 7 February 2018
CAHP update: Appointment spreadsheet and Placements page (PDF, 119KB) 18 January 2018
Broadcast - HR services and Solutions Portfolio update (PDF, 160KB) 11 January 2018


For more information about the project, contact the CAHP project team CAHP_support@uq.edu.au.